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Antenatal exercises :

Antenatal exercises aim at improving the physical and psychological well-being of an expected mother for labor and preventing pregnancy-induced pathologies by various physical means.

Advantages of Antenatal Exercise :

The main goal of rehabilitation is to aid you obtain your abilities back and be able to be more independent. However, each individual has their own goals and depends upon what caused the health issue, whether the cause is ongoing or has ended, which capabilities you lost, and also how extreme the cause is.

Postnatal exercises :

During pregnancy, mothers gain weight, ligaments and joints are loosen, abdominal muscles are stretched. After delivery, it takes some time for the body returning to normal.

Types of post-natal exercises :

The benefits of postnatal exercise :

So, a proper history taking alongwith assessment is done before the exercises programme is planned subjectively as per one’s need.